Your smartphone can become a life-saving tool for you in emergencies.


Smartphone Special Feature- Emergencies often arise in front of you without warning. In such circumstances, hurricane-storm, flood, earthquake, or fire, severely injured in an accident. Your smartphone can become a life-saving tool for you in these emergencies. With the features of emergency or panic buttons and voice assistants present in smartphones, there are apps available that can help users in emergencies.

  • 112 India: This app is part of the Government of India’s Emergency Response Support System (ERSS).With this, you can contact the local emergency service delivery departments in an emergency. It is also available for free download through or on Google Play Store and Apple Store. This app has a feature called Shout to help women and children as quickly as possible.
  • Use emergency SOS in iPhone like this: When you make a call from SOS, your iPhone automatically calls the emergency number. For this, in iPhone Ten and later iPhone models, triple-click the side button.
  • ICE – Medical Contact Card: In this case of emergency – this app called Medical Contact Card, you can store many types of information for an emergency. Through this, you can create your medical contact card, which will be present on the locked screen of your mobile. In this, you can give information like your medical conditions, blood group, emergency contact number. This app also has a classified section through which your mobile instructs first responders to contact that familiar person.
  • Google Assistant: Voice assistants have made the use of smartphones easy. This facility can also be helpful in stressful situations. With its help, you can call specific people from your contact list by giving voice commands. For this, pressing the home button of the phone for a few seconds will activate the Google Assistant, and then you can provide an OK Google command and order it to call your family members or friends.
  • Note In Case of Emergency contact number on the back of the phone. Otherwise, the rescue team and others will not be able to contact your family in an emergency.
  • Save your health information in the phone.
  • Install an app on the phone that teaches first aid and CPR. Indian Red Cross First Aid on the Google Play Store is an Authentic app.
  • The government usually releases public broadcasts when a disaster strikes in your area, which you can find on your Android devices.

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