your phone password will change every time, seeing this,


There is also an app related to the safety of the phone in which a new password has to be entered every time. That is, whenever the user will unlock their phone, a new password will have to be entered. That is, even if another user sees the password, they will not be able to unlock your phone. This password is associated with a trick. Only the user who uses the phone knows.

Droidlock app will be needed

The name of the app that changes the phone’s password every time is droidlock. The app has many lock related features. That is, the phone can be locked in many other ways with date of birth, time, battery percentage. For example, when you select the time for phone lock, then the time shown on the screen to unlock the phone will be the password of the phone. Similarly, when selecting the battery percentage, the percentage of the remaining battery of the phone will work as a password. This app has to be installed with the help of APK file.

This is how the app will work

1.Install the DroidLock dynamic lockscreen app on the phone. Now skip to the disclaimer appearing on the app. Next set a master pin. Answer a question and enter your email. If you ever forget the password, then with the help of the question, you will be able to recover or reset it.

2.Now go ahead by giving some permission to the app. Now the interface of the app will be exposed to you. Other categories with time, date, battery will be seen here. You can select the lock of any category. To turn it on, there will be a lock logo on the top right side of the app which has to be turned on.

3.Now suppose you have to set the lock of the battery percentage, then turn on the lock with the battery category. Your phone’s password will be battery backed. Now whenever you unlock the phone, you will have to enter the battery password twice. For example, the percent of the battery is 54. The password will then be 5454.

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