You can set up Android phone backup in a few minutes.


In smartphones, we keep our professional and personal data saved. Some of these data are also important. In such a situation, this data can be at high risk if the phone is lost, stolen or broken. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to back up your phone’s data, and for this, you only have to turn on the built-in backup service in your phone.

Android phones

Just like Apple has iCloud for backup, Android also has an in-built backup service that automatically backup your device’s settings, Wi-Fi networks and app data in Google Drive. This service is free and does not keep any accounts of storage in the user’s Google Drive account. After setting up an Android device, turn on Google’s backup service by default and also check it. If you’re having trouble finding backup settings, use the search bar in the Settings app.

Backup apps, data and settings

See your backup settings by opening the Settings app on Android device Tapping on Backup, and you will see the switch written “Backup to Google Drive”. Turn it on if it is off. If you are signed in to more than one Google account in your phone, you can tap on the Accounts option and select which Google Account you want to store your backups. Once the backup is turned on, your phone will automatically start backing up contacts, Google Calendar events and settings, wallpapers, Wi-Fi networks and passwords, Gmail settings, apps, etc.

Photos and videos

You should know that Google Photos gives you an unlimited backup of photos and videos and secondly, you continue to get this feature as long as you keep using it regularly and adequately until Google converts them to high quality. It means that Google capes the photo size to 16 megapixels and videos to 1080p. To adopt this feature, first of all, install the Google Photos app on your phone, turn on the backup and choose the quality you want to use.

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