Twitter will stop political advertisements from November 22,


Twitter Ceo Jack Dorsey said that the Internet is a powerful platform for advertising, but a threat to politics. Hillary Clinton praised the verdict; Facebook said – this gives the ruling people a benefit. Twitter will no longer offer political advertising on its platform. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsi announced this by tweeting.

Jack Dorsey said- ‘In today’s time, the Internet has become a powerful platform for advertisers. But it can prove fatal for politics. Votes are influenced by political advertisements, affecting the lives of crores of people. However, Facebook has already made it clear that it will not stop political ads. Nor will it impose restrictions.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said – ‘Political advertising is not a significant source of revenue. He believes that it is necessary to give voice to everyone through this. But banning advertisements will only benefit the ruling authorities. On the other hand, US Democratic leader Hillary Clinton praised Twitter’s decision to ban political ads. He also advised Facebook to consider banning political advertising.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsi said – along with political issues, there will be a ban on advertisements for candidates. Earlier we were only going to ban ads of candidates. But, it is also not right for them to buy publications related to the issues on which they want to emphasise more. We have seen many social movements that have reached the people without any political advertisement.

Facebook has about 280 million users in the world. Facebook users are under scrutiny by lawmakers following the data leak incidents, and the platform has also been used to spread misinformation during the 2016 elections in the US.

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