Photography will be better from the smartphone, follow ten tips


These tips will help you to take pictures like a professional camera from a smartphone.

  1. When taking a photo in low light, adjust the white balance. The use of warmer tones for Diwali is usually everywhere.
  2. Adjust exposure. Keep an eye on shutter speed and ISO settings. Already there is plenty of light nearby, so it is better to keep the ISO to a minimum. Many smartphones offer freedom of such parameters.
  3. Most photography is done at night, which means less light. The first condition of a good photo in such an environment is that your hands should be stable. Now smartphones also have Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) or Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), yet the stability of the side will give good results.
  4. Functions in the camera app allow the user to adjust shutter speed, white balance ISO. If there is no pro mode, then you can download any third-party app.
  5. Digital zoom can spoil photos, avoid this. Take a typical picture and crop the desired object while editing.
  6. The smartphone is ahead of DSLR in the matter that different types of filters are available in them. With this, you can give a special effect and mood to the photos.
  7. Keep the flash off while taking pictures of fireworks. Flash can produce blurry-hazy images. Smartphone flash also brightens the atmosphere moisture and smog.
  8. Use Portrait Mode more because this will give you a good DP. This mode works well in a good light.
  9. Editing is necessary for every photograph. Brightness and sharpness should not tamper with much. The picture should be natural, so avoid excess. Crop the image only when needed.
  10. While taking photos, keep yourself and the phone away from firecrackers and lamps. Heat can cause smartphone camera sensors and lens damage.

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