Neha Kakkar was forcibly kissed and hugged by a contestant


A recent incident where Neha Kakkar was forcibly kissed and hugged forcibly by a contestant on Indian Idol 11, has shocked everyone. It all happened during the audition rounds when a contestant Milan Rajput started showering gifts on the judge and later made her uncomfortable. Now Indian Idol host and singer Aditya Narayan have reacted on the whole matter.

Speaking to The Times of India, Aditya said he tried to safeguard Neha as the show’s host, but what happened later was ‘not in his hands.’ He added that the man ‘must have immense love for Neha’ as he had a tattoo of her on his arm. “You can’t foresee these things. It’s not a normal thing. Judges have come on stage a thousand times. I am sure he didn’t mean it inappropriately. I understand what it is to have fans who are obsessed. I know this man has a tattoo of Neha on his hands. So in some way, this man must have immense love for her. You kind of feel for them as well. But you need to make them aware of where to draw the line,” he said.

Aditya said he was ‘thankful’; the man went for a kiss on Neha’s cheek and nothing more.  I would say he is lucky on that matter. And Neha being a kind woman, I think even she didn’t take it inappropriately. But of course, we will be careful. Neha is not just important to our show, and she is one of the leading female singers of our country. Any women, we have to be careful about everything and anything,” he said

Earlier this week, co-judge Vishal Dadlani said he wanted to call the police on the man, but Neha chose not to. ”I suggested that the Police called, but Neha decided to let the guy off the hook. He needs psychiatric help, and we will try to help him get that if we can. #IndianIdol11,” he said.

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