Make your smart home complete with smart plugs like Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit.


Tech Tips: Smart home is not complete without smart plugs. Through these plugs, users can also pre-set the schedule apart from turning on the home electrical sockets with one tap on the phone. If you are planning to buy them, then choose such brands that work on platforms like Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, and which also has a scheduling feature. Now some such advanced plugs have also come from which users can also monitor their energy use.

Let us know how to use smart plugs better –

You can keep the air cool from the fan by giving voice commands to the smart speaker. You can also set the fan to recycle the air for a short time by scheduling a fan while sleeping or in the office.

If you have forgotten to turn off the electrical appliances in the house while going out, it is possible to disable several gadgets at once with a smart plug. In this way, there will be no possibility of a short circuit with power consumption reduced.

If you are out of work all day, then connect the smart plug to a slow cooker before leaving. Then, while returning in the evening, you can prepare the food by turning the stove on and off by giving the command at the right time.

Smart plugs can help prevent burglary in your home in the same way as intelligent lights. You can use these plugs to run these lights on a schedule and turn them on and off. It will not make anyone doubt that there is no one at your house.

You have created a Good Morning routine with Alexa or Google Assistant on the smart home network. If you include a quick plugin it, then connect it to the coffee maker. Now you can start hot coffee by giving voice command before getting up.

Sockets fit in the side of the cupboard, computer desk in your house. In such a situation, using the smart plugin these sockets, you can give commands on or off from the smartphone.

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