Kia Seltos and MG Hector achieved the fifth position in India in sales


All the major economies of the world, including India, are currently going through a phase of lethargy. In India too, there has been a sharp decline in the sales figures of all major domestic and foreign big car manufacturers. Despite this situation, in the last few months, two such cars have come into the Indian market, which made a bumper success. The Kia Seltos and MG Hector are two cars.

Before launching, many experts were saying that Kia Seltos and MG Hector should wait for better timing. However, these international brands held on to their earlier plans and proved the experts wrong. Kiya has included himself in the list of India’s big car companies due to the success of Seltos. Its growth was so fast that it overtook many big companies to take the fifth position in India in terms of sales. Among the companies it has passed include Honda and Toyota.

In October, Kiya sold 12,800 vehicles. At the same time, the booking figures have crossed 50 thousand. Apart from this,  Kiya has delivered 2100 cars at Dhanteras. Branded as India’s first internet car, MG Hector has also achieved impressive figures. It launched in June. Then it had acquired 10,000 bookings with a waiting period of 4 months.

The presence of BS-6 vehicles and competitive price advantage

Experts are now giving many reasons behind the success of these two cars. All variants of Kiya Seltos are according to BS-6 Norms. The Government of India has fixed the deadline for registration of only BS-6 vehicles from April 2020. Despite this, many manufacturers are still finishing the BS-4 consignment. Did and MG gets the benefit of his move. The second reason is that both these cars are SUVs. SUV car demand is good in India these days. Both companies have also kept the price competitive. Kiya Seltos is available for Rs 9.6 to 16 lakhs. At the same time, the cost of MG Hector is Rs 12-16.8 lakhs.

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