Google’s free coding tool (Grasshopper) launched for desktop.


Google has launched Grasshopper, a free coding tool on the desktop web. Earlier it was launched as an Android and iOS app in April 2018 under Google’s Area Incubator Initiative. Since then, more than 20 lakh people have used this application to create coding skills. It is an easy option for those beginning to learn computer programming. Along with Grasshopper, Google has also introduced two new classes, which are designed to work on desktops – “Using a Code Editor” and “Intro to Webpages.”

It has a three-panel interface, which is similar to many code editors and IDEs like Atom and Eclipse. Grasshoppers can also learn to code by parents, construction workers, and machine operators in factories. For those who want to understand coding as a career option, it is necessary.

Youtube Tools- Many tricks will improve your YouTube experience.

WiT Cutter (Web)
This tool comes with many functions, with the help of which you can download a particular part of a video, gif, or audio. Its interface is straightforward and user-friendly. For this, you start copy-pasting the URL of YouTube and playing the video. Click on Start from the part you want to download and press the stop as far as you want to do it. You can also adjust timestamps on the video and see the preview of the clip.
YouTube caption (web)
Many YouTube videos have uploader uploaded or autogenerated closed captions of YouTube. YouTube caption lets you download all captions of the video in resizable text with built-in timestamps. For this, all you have to do is copy-paste the YouTube link and click on the search icon.
Sponsor Block (Chrome, Firefox)
Although YouTube Premium allows you to skip aids, here too, you cannot do ads where the creators of the video themselves send the message to you by the sponsor. A sponsor block can help you here. It is a crowd-sourced extension that allows you to remove the bits ‘This video is sponsored by’ within the video.

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