Google has launched these apps for your digital wellbeing


These platforms will be helpful to limit the time users spend on smartphones.

How will you feel when you have unlocked your phone and start seeing how many times you have opened the phone that day? You will undoubtedly be surprised, as well as you will try to avoid unnecessary use of the phone. Do you have any such Android app, if not, Google is providing its options to you?

1.Unlock clock

Google has designed this app so that you can know how often you use your phone. It works as Google’s wallpapers app. You can use it as a live wallpaper.

2.Post Box

This use of Google makes you think about how you receive notifications. This app sets one time of day for these by stopping the many push alerts, or you can also set a maximum of four deliveries. This platform also gives you the ‘I need to see my notifications now’ option.

3.V flip

The most important thing about this app is that if all the members of your group join, then you can use your phone in the same session. Secondly, no member of the group will need to unlock their phone for this. This app is for family and friends group members who want to stay away from their phones and choose the right time.

4.Desert island

This platform allows you to focus on using only the essential applications that you use for your needs on a given day. You can use a maximum of seven applications through this app, plus it keeps an eye on whether you use them in the next 24 hours. Even if you open other apps, but you will get information about them from the summit report of Desert Island.

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