Game of Thrones / ‘The Hound’ Rory Macon Revealed,


Rory Macon, who played The Hound in the superhit series ‘Game of Thrones’, has made a shocking revelation about personal life. Rory said that he used to live in a tent before getting a role in the series. Not only this, he told that many times there was also the need to steal food. The Hound had arrived to attend Conan O’Brien’s program ‘Game of Thrones reunion special’.

Rory told about the struggles of life that I used to live in a tent during the winter in the island before getting a roll in the series. He said about the experience of living in the island, that there was also the possibility of stealing food items. Significantly, the actor has told earlier that he did not have work after a Viking film. 

He told that with the help of the local residents there, he could find a house and also worked as a carpenter there. Significantly, Rory, who plays The Hound, is one of the characters in the series who has been a part of the eight seasons.

Inspired by the book ‘Song of Ice and Fire’, this series is counted among the biggest successes in the world. The series won 37 titles at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards held in Los Angeles. With this victory, ‘Game of Thrones’ became the most fictional series to be named. Not only this, the series won the maximum 16 awards by the Visual Effects Society.

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